Frank has the unusual ability to be clear and understandable while communicating about both business processes and technological services. He is willing and able to analyze processes even in completely unfamiliar environments such as mental health. As a result, he has contributed significantly to the redesign of our procedures to reduce errors and administrative demands while increasing usefulness. Equally unusual, he has been able to balance rational and procedural considerations with user comfort and inclination, ensuring that the services he delivers will actually be used, in ways that reach their designated purposes.

Paul Block PhD, Psychological Centers, Providence, Rhode Island

Frank Tito is an exceptional professional who designed, built and maintained my corporate IT system for almost ten years. While a mere administrator can master technology, Frank’s strength is in his uncanny talent for creating a true technological partnership with his customers, extraordinarily competent but never condescending, highly responsive but focused under pressure, and consistently infallible in figuring out what I needed even though I couldn’t articulate it myself. He is in this profession for the intellectual challenge and to help people. I never doubted that he had my best interests at heart.

Jeff Cares, CAPT USN Reserve, Alidade, Inc., Newport, Rhode Island

Swingbridge Consulting continues to be an effective partner in building my business. Prospective clients easily find our web site, which provides a great introduction to the services we provide.

Brian Jacobs, Jacobs Welding and Fabrication, Stonington, Connecticut

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