Web Site Development

Swingbridge Consulting provides the expertise to design and create your company's web site to your satisfaction, and more importantly, to fill the needs of your customers.

When people are looking for information about your company, what do they find? Are you giving them the information they need to decide to contact you? They're often on the road, looking at your site from a smartphone. How does your site look on a smartphone? Does your site provide a smart, consise description of what your company does? Does the site come up quickly, so that busy people on the go can find the information they need quickly?

There's two important parts to successful web site creation:

Good design and content

We ask you about your company, and what your business offers. If you've been open for a while, we review existing graphic design elements, and make suggestions.

We review your web site copy to be certain it communicates the message you want to convey to your customers.

Good technology

We determine the best approach for your project, and make sure it works and looks great everywhere.

For example, we can tell you are currently reading this site on a smartphone or small tablet. All content is displayed in a single column, easy to read and scroll. On a computer or tablet, the content distributes itself across the wider display the way a customer would expect it to.

For example, we can tell you are currently reading this site on a computer or tablet. On a smartphone or small tablet, this same page would be displayed in a single column, easy to read and scroll.

Here's an example. JK1 Welding and Fabrication wanted a way for potential clients to contact them, quickly. This is what Swingbridge provided:

web site iPhone screenshot

Want to contact a JK1 principal? Click, and you'll get them on the phone or send them a question regarding a potential project. Done.

Only Swingbridge Consulting provides this full, balanced approach to web site design and creation.

Give us a call at 1 401 841 0412, and we'll help your business grow by giving your customers the information they need.

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